World Body Working Group

On March 22, 2005, Firdosh Mehta created the FEZANA World Body Ad Hoc Committee (WBAC):
Khorshed Jungalwala (Chair)
Sarosh Collector
Homi Gandhi
Farrokh Mistree
Purvez Rustomji

This committee was charged to study the proposed constitutions and by laws of the three entities comprising the One World Body with Two Independent Arms and report back to the community at the 2005 AGM. To see this committee’s report CLICK HERE.

On May 14, 2001 Framroze Patel the Past President of the Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America (FEZANA) appointed a Working Group (WG) to study, analyze and recommend a course of action regarding the issue of the establishment of the World Body. The WG members are:

The WG has issued three reports and has briefed communities in North America, India, Iran, Singapore and the UK.
Activity Summary (12k)


Phase One
Phase Two
Phase Three

Click Here for the presentation and materials distributed at the 2003 FEZANA AGM in Boston. (PDF. SIZE=1Mb)

World Body Constitutions – A Starting Point:
Cover Letter Dated: Aug. 1, 2003 (PDF 28k)
Proposed Constitutions and By Laws Dated: Aug. 09, 2003 (PDF 400k)
Proposed Constitutions Key Points Dated: Aug. 10, 2003 (PDF 126k)

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FEZANA represents a diverse and growing Zarathushti community in North America.

Guided by the blessings of AHURA MAZDA and the teachings of our Prophet Zarathushtra; the Federation was founded in 1987 It serves as the coordinating body for 26 Zoroastrian Associations and 14 Corresponding Groups in the United States and Canada.

The activities of FEZANA are conducted in a spirit of mutual respect, co-operation and unity amongst all Member associations, and with due regard for the principles of GOODNESS, TRUTH, REASON, BENEVOLENCE, IMPLICIT TRUST and CHARITY towards all Mankind.

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