Religion Education


FEZANA announces the establishment of a Religion Education Scholarship fund in memory of Late Moobed Faridoon Zardoshty.

We are grateful for the munificence of Zardoshty sisters, Pari, Homayoun, Iran and Farangis and their families for their generous donation to FEZANA in memory of their beloved father to set up this scholarship fund.

The Moobed Faridoon Zardoshty Religion Education Scholarships is to be awarded to selected Zarathushti individual(s) for higher studies and research in Zarathushti religion at a recognized institution of Higher Education anywhere in the world

Current plans are to award these annual scholarships for a period of five years starting in 2003. An amount has been budgeted for each academic year and may be divided amongst one ormore selected individuals.

The Religion Education Committee of FEZANA will manage the eligibility and selection of awards of the scholarship/s. Selected individuals will be required to agree to allow FEZANA and/or the Zarathushti community to receive a tangible benefit from their study and/or research.

All interested Zarathushti individuals can request an application for scholarship by providing their contact information, including an email and phone number to:

Chair – FEZANA Religion Education Committee

Dr. Lovji Cama

 58 Leroy St Tenafly NJ 07670


  • This scholarship is available to all Zarathushtis wishing to pursue higher studies and research in Zarathusti Religion, or in ancient languages relevant to the religion, at a recognized Institute of Higher Education anywhere in the world.
  • The scholarship is available to individuals and not to any institutions.
  • The candidate must possess a minimum of a High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • The courses / studies undertaken must be in Zarathushti Religion and not in Comparative Religions.
  • The courses / studies undertaken must be at undergraduate, graduate or post graduate level.
  • The courses / studies undertaken may or may not be towards a degree.
  • To be eligible the applicant must complete the application form and provide all information as specified in the How to apply section.

How to Apply:

  • Application form can be requested from or downloaded from  the FEZANA website
  • Fill out the Application as completely as possible. Add attachments if you feel additional information may be pertinent.
  • Attach detail description of the course/s.
  • Provide annual financial need for the course/s in local currency as well as in US$
  • State assistance already pledged by other funds, charitable institutions or the institution of choice.
  • State other financial assistance available from family and friends
  • Provide past academic record(s)
  • Attach Letters of Recommendations. A minimum of three recommendations are required and at least two must be from independent Zarathushtis.  Letters of recommendations from Dastoors, Mobeds, Educators, Community Leaders will be preferred.


Completed application together with requested documents must be returned to Kayomarsh P. Mehta, Chair  -FEZANA Religion Education, at the above address to reach him no later than March 31st of each year, to be considered for the next academic year.

Scholarship Conditions:

  • Scholarship winners will be informed by June 15th of their award. However, the award will be subject to them successfully enrolling for the said course.
  • Successful candidates will need to show proof of enrolment at the institution. Upon receipt of a copy of such proof, the scholarship amount will be issued as close to the institution billing date as possible.
  • Scholarship will be awarded by FEZANA through a local Zarathushti Anjuman where practical to do so.
  • At the end of the semester or quarter, copy of the grade report must be sent to the above address. Unsatisfactory grades (C and below, or dropping out) will require the recipient to refund the full scholarship amount.
  • FEZANA shall reserve the right to publish or reproduce in part or in full any material/s generated by the recipient during the course of these studies, strictly for dissemination to its member organizations and other Zarathushti entities it sees fit. However, no part of the material will be published or reproduced by FEZANA for any monetary gains

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