The 2014 FEZANA North American Zarathushti Community Awards

The FEZANA Awards Committee is pleased to announce the 2014 FEZANA North American Zarathushti Community Awards.

Committee Co-Chairs Noshir A. Langrana and Adil F. Mistry write:

Dear Community Members:

It has been our privilege to Chair the 2014 FEZANA North American Zarathushti Community Awards Committee, and we feel especially honored to have participated in this prestigious and important biennial process that seeks to honor the best of the best from our community.

We were presented with outstanding candidates for the various award categories and we thank our panel of distinguished judges whose task to select the Award winners was not made easy by the achievements of each and every nominee that was put forth. Above all else, this is an opportunity for the larger North American Zarathushti community to recognize one of our own and we thank the various Member Associations of FEZANA for completing the nomination forms and proposing such noteworthy candidates.

Finally, we would like to thank FEZANA for the opportunity to be Co-Chairs, and Navroz Gandhi and Shehernaz Verahrami, the 2012 Co-Chairs, for their assistance.

Warm regards,

Noshir A. Langrana & Adil F. Mistry


The Awardees for this year’s Awards are


Rohinton Rivetna Outstanding Zarathushti Award

Sam Vesuna


Dinshaw Framroze Joshi Excellence in Performing Arts, Painting or Literature Award

Arzan Gonda


Jamshed and Shirin Guzdar Excellence in Business or Profession Award

Dr. Dinshaw J. Patel


Jamshed Pavri Humanitarian Service Award

Nazneen Spliedt


Shirin Nariman Dastoor Outstanding Young Zarathushti Student Award

Persis Bhadha

Ervad Poruz Khambatta


North American Mobeds Council Community Services Award

Ervad Rayomand Ravji


You can read more about the individual awardees on the FEZANA 2014 Awards page

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