Get Published! Request for Subscriber Articles and a Youth Contest

Please find below a request for subscriber articles and a youth contest, for the upcoming Fall 2016 issue of the FEZANA Journal that shall be Guest Edited by Nawaz Merchant. We request you to share this write up in your association newsletter and amongst friends and family in the community.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Nawaz Merchant at

The deadline for the below stated request is August 15th, 2016 so your cooperation in spreading the word is requested

Thanking you

FEZANA Executive

Get Published! Request for Subscriber Articles and a Youth Contest

Send us your anecdotes: Our Fall issue of the Journal will be devoted to “Enjoying your senior years in North America”. Please send us your original poems, anecdotes and humorous quotes entitled “The joys of Grand-children” and “The joys of aging” and so on. Similar titles like ‘What I didn’t know about turning 60 (or 70)” “Becoming a grandparent” will also be welcomed. The word limit is about 100 words for anecdotes (8-12 lines for poems). You may also forward humorous cartoons on Aging and seniors.

Youth Contest (under age 16): We also welcome original poems and anecdotes by children under 16 on topics related to grandparents or age. “My Grandma/Grandpa”, “Surprises from my grandparents”, “When I’m sixty five….”, “In the year 2050…”. We encourage the gentle use of humor. (Word limit is ~100 words) Two prizes of $25 will be awarded for the best poem and best anecdote. Original entries should be emailed by August 15, 2016 to

Multi-generational pictures: We would like to recognize and celebrate our seniors and their contributions to enriching the lives of their families. Therefore send us your photos where multiple generations are included in your picture.

Nawaz Merchant

Guest Editor,

FEZANA Journal, Fall 2016 Issue

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