FEZANA’s 30th Annual General Meeting: A Report

FEZANA’s 30th Annual General Meeting: A Report

FEZANA just concluded its 30th annual general meeting (AGM), hosted by the Zoroastrian Association of Houston (ZAH). Homi D. Gandhi, President of FEZANA, inaugurated the AGM on April 28th, 2017 and welcomed all member associations, past presidents, committee chairs, and Zarathushtis attending in the audience. The meeting was attended by all five of the current executive officers of FEZANA, all seven of the past presidents of FEZANA, 18 of the 26 member associations representing 53 out of a total of 66 eligible votes, and 22 out of 26 FEZANA committees. Sister organizations such as the North American Mobed Council and World Zoroastrian Chamber of Commerce were also represented.

On the evening of April 29th, 2017, FEZANA bestowed the FEZANA Lifetime Achievement Award to Ervad Dr. Jehan Bagli, who has faithfully served the North American Zarathushti community for many years, at a glittering 30th Anniversary Gala event. The Gala was hosted by the Zoroastrian Association of Houston at its center, along with their Congress Legacy 10th Anniversary awards function.

Dr. Bagli, along with the current and all seven past presidents of FEZANA, also inaugurated a special 30th Anniversary Issue of the FEZANA Journal. The Journal chief editor, Dolly Dastoor, said that it was a befitting moment that the Journal’s very first editor would inaugurate this 30th anniversary issue.

Arzan Sam Wadia, Vice President of FEZANA, unveiled the new FEZANA logo, designed by Zara Contractor, which identified the accentuating elements of air, earth, fire, and water and strong Zoroastrian identity. A retrospective of FEZANA’s work over the past few years was presented to the audience.

The evening program also included entertainment by ZAH Youth and Rhythm India. ZAH awarded scholarships to 4 of its youth heading off to college for the first time, while a new needs-based scholarship was unveiled and awarded for the first time.

On the evening of Friday, April 28th 2017, a brief entertainment program by ZAH elementary school children was held, followed by presentations of the attending member associations.

Several upcoming events were highlighted, such as:

· The 11th World Zoroastrian Congress in Perth, planned for 2018, which is the first World Congress to be held in Australia; its theme will be “Together Towards Tomorrow”.

· The Seventh World Youth Zoroastrian Congress to be hosted in Southern California in Summer 2019 by the California Zoroastrian Center.

· The North American Zoroastrian Congress in December 2020.

Prior to the AGM, on Thursday April 27th, the FEZANA Information, Research and Education System (FIRES) held an exhibition of Zarathushti treasures, along with a keynote speech delivered by Aban Marker Kabraji, renowned scientist and biologist, and Regional Director of the Asia Regional Office of IUCN. Earlier the same day, the World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce organized a field trip to Coating Industries, local Zarathushti-owned business.

The next FEZANA AGM will be hosted by the California Zoroastrian Center in Los Angeles CA.

FEZANA represents a diverse and growing Zarathushti community in North America.

Guided by the blessings of AHURA MAZDA and the teachings of our Prophet Zarathushtra; the Federation was founded in 1987 It serves as the coordinating body for 26 Zoroastrian Associations and 14 Corresponding Groups in the United States and Canada.

The activities of FEZANA are conducted in a spirit of mutual respect, co-operation and unity amongst all Member associations, and with due regard for the principles of GOODNESS, TRUTH, REASON, BENEVOLENCE, IMPLICIT TRUST and CHARITY towards all Mankind.

:+: Baname Khoda Kshnothro Ahura Mazda